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Your family or friend provides refundable collateral that is kept abroad; no money sent

Loan is instantly disbursed to you; they earn cash on their collateral

You get funded, they get rewarded

When loan is repaid, the collateral is refunded to your family or friend abroad, plus a 2% cash back reward.

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In order to process your request, your contact details will be shared with our bank partners in the country you are requesting a loan. The bank will contact you directly to complete the loan process. Please review how we treat your data in our Privacy Policy on our website.

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Who will be your guarantor?
A guarantor is an individual(s) who agrees to back up your loan in the event you cannot repay. Guarantors can be friends or family members and you can have multiple guarantors. We will inform the guarantor of your request by email. Diaspora can also serve as their own guarantor for loans in their home country.

You're almost done. Your guarantor will receive a message to confirm they are willing to help you get the loan and provide the refundable collateral. Make sure you have asked for their permission before you continue.

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